All of our yoga classes incorporate mantra, asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation for a well-rounded practice. Yoga is designed to give you a deep sense of wellbeing and to help ease many of our modern day health concerns. Our classes are currently drop in and cost £10 per class. We also offer loyalty class passes (10 class pass £80 & 5 class pass £45). Please find below a guide to our classes.

All classes are suitable for all including beginners but Intermediate/Advanced classes require a reasonable range of mobility

Hatha Vinyasa Flow (Beg/Int)

  • Covers the teaching of key postures, breathing techniques, basic yoga
  • Introduction to yogic philosophy and teachings
  • How to listen and tune into your body
  • A starting point to move onto Intermediate/Advanced classes
  • An introduction to slow and steady flow
  • A good start to relieving stress and tension
  • Specifically aimed at Beginner/Intermediate students

Hatha Vinyasa Flow (Int/Adv)

  • 'Vinyasa' means 'To Flow' so standing postures are not held but flow effortlessly together
  • Variety of postures from gentle to more challenging
  • Combines hatha yoga where floor postures are held in stillness
  • Focuses on awareness, mindfulness, flexibility, strength and toning
  • Includes relaxation and meditation
  • Requires a reasonable amount of mobility and a little yoga knowledge

Chair Yoga (reduced mobility)

  • A gentle chair & floor based class
  • Suitable for those with restricted mobilty or are living with painful joints which make movement difficult
  • To help reduce pain and improve joint mobilty
  • Emphasis on breath work and nurturing postures with the use of props
  • Includes relaxation and meditation
  • Great for relieving stress and tension
  • The pace will be dictated by participants mobility

Remember that Yoga Is for everyone. You don't have to be flexible or bendy, strong or toned. It's a practice open to all which will enhance your mind, body and spirit. Simply come with an open mind, love in your heart and a smile on your face