Young woman holding a yoga mat

The 'Bude Yoga and Therapy Space' is a small independent Yoga studio and Osteopathy clinic that has been created by Debbie and Mike Bourne. We dreamed of creating a holistic, peaceful, welcoming and professional space set in the heart of Bude, a wonderful seaside town in North Cornwall.

Mike and Debbie met many moons ago through our joint love of yoga and set up home in North Cornwall where Mike enjoys his love of surfing and Debbie combines her love of Yoga and walking.

Our space has been created for everyone no matter of fitness, flexibility, gender or age! Our aim is to build a safe and nurturing enviroment where we can share, laugh and grow together.


Debbie Bourne (Avery).....aka. Shakeela

Yoga Teacher/Trainer, Dip. FRYOG
The name 'Shakeela' was given to me in memory of my teacher 'Osho' on returning from his ashram in Pune, India. It is a commitment to living life as joyful, creative and harmonious as can be and these are the principles I follow.

A teacher of more than thirty years, my classes follow a traditional approach with the freedom of flow and feeling of movement. I combine all elements of yoga including not only posture but the joy of mantra, pranayama and meditation together with the philosophical teachings. I bring a wealth of knowledge to my classes which are always delivered in an accesible and light manner.

I am a teacher trainer, course tutor and assessor for Friends of Yoga International where previously I held the role of national training and standards officer overseeing the syllabus and raising standards within the school (Karma Yoga). With over 15,000 hours of teaching experience I am also a Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network (IYN).

Everyday I live the principles of Yoga both on and off my mat. As the great Indra Devi once said "Yoga is a diet for life and brings health, wellness and a greater quality of life".

Debbie Avery Yoga Teacher

Mike Bourne

Registered Osteopath & Exercise Therapist, BSc (Hons) Osteopathic Medicine, Dip. PT/ST, Dip. FRYOG

I have always felt passionate about health & fitness. My own journey has brought me the experience of being in the very best of health and also the frustration of being in pain and injured. I have competed at national and international level in Duathlon and worked with elite and amateur level athletes from numerous sports.

I am passionate about the healing power of nature. As a surfer I enjoy the connection with the power of ocean and the lessons it teaches me while reflecting the ebb and flow of my own life.

After more than twenty five years as a Health Professional I still wake up every morning looking forward to my day. I find solace in the words of Siddhartha Gautama "the only way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others" for this is my daily mantra as I offer my clients all I can give to help.


Jo Luft

Registered Osteopath (MOst Osteopathic Medicine)

I graduated with a distinction in my Masters from the British School of Osteopathy (now UCO) in 2015, since then I have gained valuable experience working in a wide range of busy clinics in the Midlands and London, from Sports and Golf clubs, to Complementary Health and multi-disciplinary clinics.

I enjoy treating all types of people and ailments, the variety means that I continue to grow as a practitioner. My own experience since having a baby has inspired a keen interest in post-natal rehab. I also have qualifications in Sports Massage and Medical Acupuncture, which I like to incorporate into my osteopathic treatments.

I relocated to North Devon in 2019 in search of a better work-life balance. In my free time I love to keep my body moving, either through Yoga, surfing, running or hiking.


Tess Beaumont

I am a fully qualified Sound Therapist with a Practitioner Level Diploma in Sound Therapy after having completed my training with the British Academy of Sound Therapy (BAST), and am a registered member of the International Therapeutic Sound Association. As well as providing group gongbath and soundbath sessions, I provide 1-2-1 sound therapy and sound relaxation sessions, and Himalayan singing bowl on-body massage treatments.

I am very passionate about what I do, love anything that helps with well-being and am always encouraging people to be kind to themselves; a soundbath is just that - time out from busy lives to be bathed by the sounds and vibrations produced by instruments including gongs, drums, crystal bowls, Himalayan singing bowls, chimes and shakers.  I look forward to sharing with others the warm, intense, deep and enriching sounds of these wonderful instruments.